Ukhonaye Mconi

From:  Eastern Cape

Icons:  Geoffrey Zakarian

Dish:  Sweet and Spicy Ribs with crumbed mash balls

Episode:  Episode 01


Ukhonaye is from the Eastern Cape and he is currently in his final year studying Food Preparation and Cooking. He is the eldest of two siblings.
From a young age, cooking and being in the kitchen was an integral part of his life. Spending time in the kitchen with his parents provided a safe ground where conflict between his parents was put on hold and they could create good memories. Food brought him comfort and provided him with an escape. His parents divorced when he was in matric.
He started an an introductory course in Business Management, then changed to Marketing and finally he decided to pursue his passion in Culinary Arts. His father took out a personal loan to pay for his studies and without this support he would not have had the opportunity to study his passion.
He is currently working two jobs to cover half his rent, his grandmother covers the other half with her pension fund.
He hopes to get a sponsorship and to continue his studies with the Swiss Education Group. Ukhonaye is hoping to make the most our of this experience in order to create a better life for his family.