Thulile Mhlongo

Age:  33

From:  Umlazi

Icons:  Marco Pier White

Dish:  T-Bone steak with Dauphinoise (Form Africa with Love)

Episode:  Episode 03


As I grew I found myself in the kitchen comparing old traditional flavours and incorporating new tastes and experimenting with various factors of a dish. After school I decided to study journalism but found myself being uninterested on various levels. But having to work to survive I was employed for over nine years at the same firm but I soon realised that you cannot force yourself to make something your passion, you have got to feel it and wake up everyday for it. I was reminded of the family gatherings and all the ‘wow’ I got for my food I prepared and decided at the age of 33 I want to be told ‘wow’ chef that’s amazing.
I feel this opportunity will open the door to my destiny, it is never to late to follow your dreams and I am making the most of what I have been given while I have the opportunity to.