Jeanette Moseneke

From:  Morningside

Icons:  Jenny Morris

Dish:  Butter Chicken Curry

Episode:  Episode 02


Jeanette left her career in Digital Marketing to follow her culinary passion. They say never trust a skinny cook but she says always trust a healthy cook as they live longer.
She is from Morningside, in Durban and lives there with her husband and son with a second child on the way.
She is strong willed, intelligent, well mannered and extremely passionate.
Her dream is to be mentored by Jenny Morris, who she calls a power house woman in the culinary arts industry. Her dream is to own her own catering company and to re invent the representation of African cuisine across the Globe.

Jeanette is over the moon for the opportunities that the show will create and is hoping to make the most out of every second and to show the world what she is made of.