Contact Details:  072 738 2193

Head Chef:  Adriaan Maree

Owner:  Adriaan Maree

Chef:  Adriaan Maree

Episode:  Episode 12


Fermier is an attempt to create a restaurant which in future can become completely self-sustainable by creating an entire “ecosystem” from the dish and vegetables to the livestock, that suits our idea of responsible conscious food. In keeping with the idea of responsible involvement, the building has grown “organically” where soil from the area has been used to build rammed earth walls, poles as the skelton and recycled wood for the cladding and doors, thus creating a “farm feel”.

“The concept behind the menu is to close the gap between produce, farm and the final product. Guests can see the produce growing, where it come from and the versatility of each product. Dishes are created around the season and what can be grown… served in a fresh and exciting way.”

072 738 2193