Bread & Wine

Contact Details:  021 876 4004

Head Chef:  Neil Jewell

Owner:  Niki Friedman

Chef:  Neil Jewell

Episode:  Episode 02


“Bread & Wine Vineyard exudes an old world charm. It is a character-filled, rustic restaurant that has won numerous accolades for its honest food. The restaurant has its home on a little slice of magic known as Môreson Wine Farm. A tranquil paradise located at the end of the aptly named Happy Valley Road. The atmosphere and setting will transport you back to a time when your life was less cluttered. You will find that shortly after arriving you are standing a little taller, walking a little slower and smiling a lot more. Whether it’s a glass of our award-winning wine or a meal at the restaurant you’ll be able to taste our passion, see our magic and feel our love.”

021 876 4004