T-Bone steak with Dauphinoise (Form Africa with Love)


Measurement / Ingredient

1 Fillet Steak
3 Pepper corn
10 g Rosemary
10 g Thyme
2 bulbs Garlic
Stellenbrau Lager
2L Cream
5kg Potatoes
500 ml Vegetable stock
2 Tomatoes
4 tsp Tomato purée
5 Chillies (Green)
1 Onion
500g Red Onion
2 pinch Sugar
20 g Salt and Pepper
200 g Parmesan cheese
2 Carrots
2 Green Pepper
2 Red Pepper
1/2 cup Lemon juice
1 Small bowl
4 Dish Clothes
1 bunch Spinach
Smoked Paprika


It represents a new twist on a South African traditional favourite. It’s something that most of us South Africans love (regardless of race and background) the only difference is that I have infused a bit of French cooking methods in it. As a nation, we love meat and gathering around a braai stand. Beer is always around in these moments. So why not include it when marinating our meat? Food is a lovely way of bringing people together and for those few moments we have something in common that we can talk about, laugh about, stimulates memories and this dish is what I can relate to and people around me can relate to as well.
This is unique as I marinade my fillet steak in Stellenbrau beer. This beer is full of richness that is absorbed in the meat overnight. The best way is over charcoal, I love traditional South African cultures and methods. I would serve this with dauphonia (potato bake).

  1. Fillet steak:
  2. - In a big enough container (where one could place the steak and beer totally covers the steak) place the steak; cover it with Stellenbrau Craven Craft Lager. Add in rosemary, thyme, pepper corn and garlic. Then cover the container. This needs 24 hours in the marinade.
  3. Dauphinoise:
  4. - Slice the potatoes thinly using the mandolin peeler.
  5. - Take a (unreadable word) of cream and scald it with garlic and rosemary.
  6. - Let the (unreadable word) cool down whilst the garlic and rosemary is properly incorporated in the cream.
  7. - In a wide end deep tray, take each slice of the potato, dunk it in the cream with rosemary and garlic layer each slice on the tray, alternating with sautéed red onion slices.
  8. - Layer other slices on top of that layer a couple of times.
  9. - Place in the oven for 1 hour at 180 ̊C. Note: The layers need to be pressed down before putting in the oven (needs to be converted).
  10. - After an hour open covered potatoes and sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and cover, press down and cook for another 15 min.
  11. New Age Chacalaka (my best attempt to spell this) - Place a sweet onion in a hot sauce pan.
- Add julienne strips of carrots.
- Add garlic, thyme, rosemary and stir.
  12. - Then add a green pepper, tomato purée and stir. - Add tomatoes and stir.
  13. - Add two ladles of vegetable stock and let it reduce. - Add chillies and two pinches of sugar.
- Reduce more and season with salt and pepper.
- Finish with cream.

Pairing: Stellenbrau Craven Craft Lager & Steenberg Chardonnay Brut

Stellenbrau Craven Craft Lager & Steenberg Chardonnay Brut - A golden-coloured lager with an alluring, slightly ‘wild’ undertone from rooibos. A creamy head filled with distinctive floral notes and subtle honeybush aromas. Palate filling, it retains the crisp bitter sensation of a true lager simultaneously retaining the traditional maltiness of a classic-brewed beer.

I have also decided to give a option for those who do not like beer, this Steeneberg Chardonnay Champagne is the perfect addition to this dish