Oxtail with red wine jus & mash potatoes


Measurement / Ingredient

50+ 350 g Oxtail
30 g Onions
70 g Celery
10 g Whole pepper corns
5g Garlic cloves
100 g Butter beans
1 tsp Bovril
Pinch Salt and Pepper
500 ml Water
10 g Rosemary

200 g Bones
70 g Celery
70 g Leek
10 g Whole pepper corns
50 g Onions
100 g Carrots
100 g Tomato Paste
250 ml Red Wine (Dry)
500 ml Water
5g Garlic cloves
30 g Corn Starch
120 g Potatoes
10 g Thyme
10 g Garlic cloves
50 ml Cream
30 g Butter
Pinch Nugmet
Pinch Salt and Pepper
1 Apple


As a chef it is important to use cheap cuts of meat and making something spectacular and tasty. Growing up in remote rural areas where oxtail was not recognised as eatable meat. When I got into the industry it fascinated me that oxtail was one of the cheapest and most delicious types of meat and is easy to manipulate.
I never thought that oxtail can be prepared in so many ways and I accepted the challenge of experimenting with all the various methods. Oxtail is an inspirational dish as it not constrained to one method. This skill I obtained in the culinary Industry I applied and mastered in the preparation and execution of the dish. I am excited about presenting a cost effective dish that will reflect a more flavourful taste and will be a pleasant surprise to any who follow this recipe.

  1. Oxtail:
  2. • Trim the oxtail fat and keep it aside.
  3. • In a pot sauté the onion and garlic until soft, do not let it brown.
  4. • Add the oxtail and whole pepper corn into the pot.
  5. • Roughly chop the celery and add to the oxtail along with a teaspoon of Bovril.
  6. • Add water into the pot, about 1⁄2 and let it simmer for 2-3 hours until its tender.
  7. • Roast the bone into a pre-heated oven of 180 ̊C for about 15 minutes until they brown. Do this with the tomato paste to give it a nice burnt flavour.
  8. • Roughly chop the onion, celery, leek, carrot and sweet along with roasted bones and tomato paste.
  9. • Add red wine and let it simmer for around 15 minutes, add warm water and let it simmer for around 2 hours.
  10. • Stain the oxtail once it is tender and sauté the onion and add the oxtail with the wine jus.
  11. • Add butter beans and let them fuse with the oxtail and jus flavours. Balance the seasoning and its ready to be plated.
  12. Mash Potatoes:
  13. • Roast the garlic in an oven until it’s soft and brown. 2. Boil the potato with salt and pepper.
  14. • Strain the potatoes and mash them with a potato masher and put it through the sieve to smooth it.
  15. • Add roasted garlics, butter, cream and a pinch of nugmet and some thyme. 5. Get the consistency and season it with salt and pepper.
  16. Vegetables:
  17. • Blanch the apple slices in boiling water and sugar.

Pairing: Waterkloof Circumstance Merlot 2013

Waterkloof Circumstance Merlot 2013 - Light cassis, sour plums and some floral aromas greet and entice the nose. Elegant, bright acidity with juicy fruit on the palate. Great length with fine tannins on the finish. Pairs well with duck and lamb dishes

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