Patience Stevens

Business:  Tswelopele Productions

Position:  CEO

Episode:  Episode 11


Patience Stevens the producer of Top Billing, She is very hands on every week putting together the show and overseeing every second of content.She contributes to Top Billing Magazine as Managing Editor. She also assists in producing and overseeing content on other shows such as Pasella, Seskhona and Top Travel. Patience has a B.A. in Drama (Wits) and English Honours (UNISA). and she loves to sing and potter on piano and would have loved to have been a performer, opera singer or ballet dancer but she feels she was simply not good enough – so instead she gets great pleasure from celebrating other people’s achievements and expertise in the performing arts from behind the camera. Patience's job is all consuming but she is basically training people all the time. Once you have Top Billing on your CV it is something that makes you an asset to any business and a gem in your own. The thing She loves most about her job is highlighting success – showing what can be done and has been done by South Africans – and by achievers all over the world to make a significant contribution to improving lifestyle, whilst conserving and protecting our eco and cultural heritage. When She was first given a producer’s job – on Video Two – at the age of 25 – after years of hard slog working my way up from a production secretary in sport, to the floor manager, to assistant producer and finally to the producer in the Youth and Children’s department at SABC. The next step was being given the job of Executive Producer of a brand new bilingual show. As a team, we brainstormed and created Graffiti – the first English and Afrikaans show for the youth and it was an invaluable exercise in creating a brand. "The next step was leaving SABC and going freelance – getting the experience as an outside producer, combined with the 11 years spent at the SABC and having the vision to create the Top Billing concept. We did a pilot for Top Billing and had it accepted and commissioned. Another defining moment in my career was seeing Basetsana Kumalo win Miss SA in 1994. I approached her via Doreen Morris to become a presenter on Top Billing and she accepted. I have built a relationship and formed a partnership with Basetsana as Tswelopele Productions and we have been in business and grown the business together since 1995".