Brett Commaille

Business:  AngelHub Ventures

Position:  Founder and Lead Partner

Episode:  Episode 05


Brett is a Venture Capitalist and business development professional assisting young businesses in their drive to achieve their full potential through rapid growth in a sustainable manner. He is founder and Lead Partner of AngelHub Ventures, a seed stage Venture Capital Fund. Through AngelHub Ventures, he supports entrepreneurs driving a disruptive business model according to lean methodologies with the potential to generate rapid growth and generous returns. Brett lectures on early stage business, entrepreneurship and VC for various organisations and universities. Previously CEO of Invenfin Venture Capital, a Remgro Ltd Group Company, funding companies with unique Intellectual Property with significant international market potential. Brett has a history of business development as well as origination and finance within the merchant banking environment as well as consulting and audit with local as well as international companies. He has also started and invested in businesses in his private capacity. Brett enjoys passionate entrepreneurs who understand their markets and their business and persevere in their objectives. He has been a director for several start-up companies in their pursuit of global success.