Michael Broughton

Restaurant:  Terroir

Episode:  Episode 10


- I wrote my first cook book published in Oct 2014
- Received the “Mentor of the year Award” by Private Hotel School 2015 – Stellenbosch
- Have owned restaurants in Johannesburg 1998-2001, I come from Durban, opened Terroir in Oct 2004
- Average 95 meals per day, it’s fine food deceptively simple where we keep all the technical “cheffy stuff” in the kitchen and keep it simple on the plate
- We work particularly hard on our food and service and we feel completely spoilt being in the middle of the Wine lands with so much good wines and vineyards around us
- 11 Eat Out Awards, 2 Eat Out Service awards, Eat Out Best Restaurant of the year 2006, Best Restaurant Wine Capitals of the year2009 etc….
- Have written my first cook book called Terroir: The Cook Book
- Am a family man, love having kids and if I were 5 years younger I would have more!!
- N0 8 Eat Out 2015